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French Photographer Takes Pictures Of Street Trash Bins Around The World



Some people collect magnets or some other souvenirs through their travels. This French photographer, who has traveled over 90 countries as of now, collects street litter bins pictures.

It started some 15 years ago: a pretty bin, a photograph, and it became a habit: during most her travels, she began photographing litter bins in the streets. Yes, trash cans. She shoots rubbish bins.

With those fantastic garbage bins out there, there is no excuse to put trash on the ground!

Fun facts about street litter bins:

bins often have eye-catching colors, and you can’t miss them!

Bins in parks or close to trees are often green! Matching the environment.

Some cities or even countries seem to pick a similar shape for their street litter bins! Quite a landmark!

Some are matching the aesthetics of the area; some even look like perfect camouflage!

Some call for creativity and are really pretty!

This Netherlands-based photographer for the past 20 years brings awareness about traveling responsibly and ensuring to put litter in its place anywhere you go.

Think about the environment — leave nothing but footprints!

Like the bins? You can follow them on Instagram too! 

More info: | Instagram

#1 Taipei, Taiwan

#2 Pripyat (Chernobyl), Ukraine

#3 Agra, India

#4 Chacabuco (Pinochet Jail), Chile

#5 Tirana, Albania

#6 Paso Hito Cajon, Bolivia

#7 Prague, Czech Republic

#8 Paris, France

#9 Roermond, Netherlands

#10 Poenari (Dracula Castle), Romania

#11 Skopje, North Macedonia

#12 Masada, Israel

#13 Flores, Guatemala

#14 Pristina, Kosovo

#15 Cairo, Egypt

#16 Jericoacoara, Brazil

#17 Beira, Mozambique

#18 Limassol, Cyprus

#19 Tbilisi, Georgia

#20 La Havana, Cuba

#21 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

#22 Reykjavik, Iceland

#23 Hamburg, Germany

#24 Talinn, Estonia

#25 Copenhagen, Denmark

#26 Mwanza, Tanzania

#27 Istanbul, Turkey

#28 Minsk, Belarus

#29 Cao Blanco, Costa Rica

#30 Beijing, China

#31 Zagreb, Croatia

#32 Playa Ancn, Cuba

#33 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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