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The Complete Backpacking Gear Setup and Checklist



The colder months are over and Spring is fast approaching. The sun is starting to finally peek out through the clouds. Its the perfect time to plan that backpacking trip. Take a weekend to get out of the city and experience nature to its fullest. We all need that reminder every once in a while that the city isnt the only setting on this planet. Plus, who doesnt love a good backpacking trip? You, your buddies, your dog, and a campfire? That sounds like the perfect weekend. Makes you want to load up the rucksack and cooler right now. If youre lagging a bit behind on the gear, or youre looking to upgrade, have no fear. Heres a quick guide to get you on your way:

The Backpack

Of course, youre going to need a backpack. You probably already have one. But there comes a time where youll need an upgrade. There are so many bags out there that are in the type of a classic explorers gear pack. Virtually none of them have the functionality thats necessary. Look for trusted brands that specialize in outdoor activities. Water resistance, tear-proof, and sturdy. Thats what you should be looking for.

Hammock Chairs: Your New Best Friend

The most underrated thing to do on a backpacking trip is to just relax. We focus on the physical climb or the strenuous hurdles of the trek. But most of the time, were just out there to be as far as we can from day to day life, and a spot to sit and veg out is priceless. Theres no better implement to a relaxing afternoon than a hammock chair. First off, hammocks are awesome. Theres no argument there. Also, theyre very affordable. On top of that, they take up as much space as a few T-shirts. Some of the best hammock chairs out in the market can find online. You just have to figure out which one is best for you. Theyre all great, but only a select few may be perfect for your size and dimensions.

Tools You Didnt Know you Needed

Whats in your backpack? The essentials are always going to be the same no matter what. But some are just a bit better than others. These are some classic favorites to help save space and maximize your load:

– Hori-Hori

This Japanese gardening knife is known as a soil knife. Its not just for gardening, though. Its the best all-around tool for scooping, cutting, setting, and providing a flat enough surface to measure with. Its the all-around best tool in your arsenal, bar none.

– Cooking system

A good compact system for boiling water and, therefore, cooking absolutely anything Sous Vide, is the best thing you can get. Yes, a fire is great, but packing pots and such is a pain. Theyre heavy and dont have much use outside of being a hunk of metal to cook things. You can easily cook a steak to perfection and char the meat to give it the flavor you want.

Any way you cut it, backpacking is about efficiency and reliability. Stick to these options and, not only will you have the time of your life, youll save space and your spine doing so. Have fun!

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