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Setting Foot On What It Seems Like The Moon



As a couple of photographers, we are always looking for the most unusual and unique places to shoot. We stumbled upon some pictures on Instagram of this lunar-like place and decided to take a road trip to find it. We knew It was a few hours from Montreal, but we didn’t know the exact coordinates. Nothing better than a treasure hunt, right? So we set off with a few hints from a fellow photographer, determined to get our bucket shots. After wandering the very poorly indicated hiking trails, we finally set foot on this vast plane. The sky that was so clear and blue a few hours ago has covered itself in dark grey clouds. It felt as if we were on the moon! We also heard roaring in the distance…The sound became louder as two motocross bikes zoomed past us. Over the hill, we discovered a magnificent turquoise lake. These lakes and hills used to be asbestos mines. Needless to say that the lake is, off-limits and swimming is prohibited. It does, however, make for a crazy backdrop. If you are visiting Quebec or live in the province, you might want to come to visit. We encourage everyone to find the place for themselves, because as Ralph Waldo Emerson would say: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”


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