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This is our last installment of our re-read of Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition. I want to thank Nancy Kastl for the great suggestion and everyone that voted during the selection process. This is a useful book. Interestingly during a Heart of Agile get together this week a number of people recommended the book in the chat. I am glad I read it. Reading the book for the first time during the re-read process did add a bit of additional effort. I found that I had to skim the material more than I would have liked and probably missed some of the nuances. 

Overall, I see significant value in the approach that the authors have laid out in their book. What I think will be needed for me to be able to consistently use the techniques in the book is PRACTICE (then probably some more practice) in less risky situations. Muscle memory will be crucial so that the first heated conversion doesn’t cause a misstep. Role-playing exercises would be excellent and well as a reference card. As I noted last week, the table in Chapter 11 would make a great reference, perhaps someone can suggest where I could find a reference card on the internet. If not, I will make something for myself. 

In the end, crucial conversations are a tool to get a point across and to generate a change of behavior. Each conversation starts with communication which is an important part of teamwork regardless of whether you are involved in product development, auditing, or accounting.  Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition if applied will improve communication and improve the probability that conversations will translate into action.

Next week we will walk through the approach we will take to read, Tame your Work Flow: How Dr. Goldratt of “The Goal” would apply the Theory of Constraints to rethink knowledge-work management. This book was a groundswell selection for Re-read Saturday. More votes were cast for this book than all of the votes cast in the last two or three Re-read Polls!.  I interviewed Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron about their book on SPaMCAST 563 and 564. This book lays out a number of powerful ideas that I have found useful and thought-provoking. I look forward to the conversation as we go through the book!  

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Title: Re-read Saturday: Crucial Conversations Week 13, Final Thoughts
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