Re-read Saturday: Crucial Conversations Week 12, Chapter 11: Putting It All Together and Afterword



We are completing the content of our Re-read of Crucial Conversations today by reviewing Chapter 11 and the Afterword.  

Chapter 11 is a summarization of the entire book.  The authors use two tools in this chapter. The first is a table to help the readers remember all of the techniques and the process laid out in the first 10 chapters.  The table begins on page 214 with principle one “Start With Your Heart” and ending on page 216 with principle seven “Moved To Action.” If this were a workbook, I would have expected this table to be on a removable page for use during crucial conversations.  I made myself a cheat sheet that I keep just out of camera sight for use in remote meetings.

The second tool the authors use is an extended case study. I see the use of the case studies to help readers conceptualize using these techniques however the case studies in the book don’t always speak to me. They are definitely worth a quick read and a deeper read if they resonate with you.  What I think will work for all readers is trying the techniques out in a variety of situations and then spending time doing a retrospective. Practice using the ideas in the book has been the most valuable learning tool I have found to establish muscle memory.

The title of the conclusion of the chapter, “It’s not about communication, it’s about results,” sums up the bottom line of the book. 

The afterword is a reflection by the individual authors about what they’ve learned in the ten years since they published the book. Each author provides several scenarios where they have learned something that has helped them to get better at crucial conversations. This section made me feel better that I wasn’t just able to pick up the book and use the ideas perfectly the first time I read it.  One of the authors wrote, “there are a lot of people who are teaching me new lessons about crucial conversations.”

Next week we will have a few words to wrap-up this book and warp into the next book in the series. The envelope please . . . the next book we will re-read is Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron’s Tame Your Work Flow. The top three books (Tame Your Work Flow, Great Big Agile, and Fixing Your Scrum) in the pool got more votes than all of the other books we have re-read over the past year. Therefore, my intent is to do something radical: declare that I will read all three of the top three books in order. This should take us through the summer. 

If you do not have a copy or have tossed it at someone during a crucial conversation, it is time to buy a copy. Please use the link (using the link helps support the blog and podcast).  Listen to previous installments:

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Title: Re-read Saturday: Crucial Conversations Week 12, Chapter 11: Putting It All Together and Afterword
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