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Mad Catz is a brand that has quite a bit of history with me. My first ever gaming keyboard was a Saitek Eclipse, part of the Mad Catz family. I’ve also covered the company and it’s fall: it was only three years ago that I covered its attempt to stop the company’s delisting from the New York Stock Exchange and then it’s later filing for bankruptcy. It’s quite strange to now be reviewing the R.A.T. 6+ gaming mouse, but the question is if the company’s peripheral range can perform the same resurrection as the company?

Judging by the R.A.T. 6+, I’m not completely sure. This is certainly going to be down to personal taste more than anything else, which could make it a very divisive piece of equipment. This is a shame because, as I’ll be telling you throughout this review, it’s an extremely functional mouse and offers almost more than you could ever need.

When looking at this, I’m very much reminded of the Tetsuya Nomura version of Batman or the Darksiders designs from Joe Madureira (War, to be precise). That is to say that the Mad Catz R.A.T. 6+ is over-designed.  I don’t doubt that to somebody, somewhere, it looks great. Just not to me. There are too many details on the details and at first glance, it barely even looks like a mouse – unless it’s a mouse slowly turning into its true transformer form?

So, the first thing you’ll likely notice is what at first appear to be three wheels. There are only two, the one at the very base of your palm is actually a system that lets you increase or decrease the weight of the mouse. The other two are actual wheels, scroll wheels to be precise. You heard me right, two. So there’s the regular scroll wheel in the middle of the two buttons, the second is a side-scroll wheel so awkwardly placed that I keep getting cramp in my palm & thumb.

You see, the issue is that while the length of the mouse is absolutely perfect, no matter the size of your hand, the width is just a little too small, despite it looking massive. So, you see, the side-scroll wheel is positioned in a place that means my thumb has to tuck under my second knuckle, should I want to scroll left. Scrolling right, it will tuck under there. Maybe it’s me, but surely the

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By: Chris Wray
Title: Mad Catz R.A.T. 6+ Gaming Mouse Review – The Michael Bay of Mice
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Published Date: Mon, 25 May 2020 07:00:23 +0000

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