Intel’s New EVO Branding Leaked, CORE Branding Getting Overhauled Too



It appears Intel is getting ready to roll out a new branding for its mainstream processors by the name of EVO. The trademark was spotted by the Twitterati and are widely believed to represent the company’s upcoming Alder Lake platform. We can also speculate that the designation EVO has something to do with the word ‘evolution’ because of the drastic shift to big and small cores that Intel will be rolling out with Alder Lake. A compilation of the trademarks is provided courtesy of

Intel EVO branded processors: Alder Lake CPUs with big and SMALL cores?

Intel has been using the traditional branding for quite a while now and the new trademarks spotted appear to reflect an aesthetic shift in the company’s brand identity. The distinctive arcs that circled the Intel logo are gone and in its place is a minimalistic and modern looking Intel logo. As you can see, its not just the EVO series branding that has received this treatment – pretty much all Intel logos will be updated.

A compilation of Intel’s old logos, courtesy of

The “i” designations have now been moved to the bottom right corner and will the overall design is more square than before. Considering both Intel CORE and Intel EVO models are there, it might be that [warning: speculation] the i3 series does not get the big small treatment and only i5s and above will receive it [/speculation]. Alder Lake is slated for arrival in 2H 2021 and will coincide with a massive shift in Intel’s operations and structures as it starts reaching out to third-party foundries to keep pace with the industry.

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By: Usman Pirzada
Title: Intel’s New EVO Branding Leaked, CORE Branding Getting Overhauled Too
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Published Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 18:14:19 +0000

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