Intel Core i9-10850K 10 Core Desktop CPU Reportedly Launching on 27th July For Around $450 US



It looks like Intel is all prepped to introduce its latest 10th Gen Desktop CPU, the Core i9-10850K, tomorrow. Part of the 10th gen Comet Lake Desktop CPU lineup, the Core i9-10850K is similar to the Core i9-10900K but offers a slightly lower price for slightly lower clock speeds which won’t be making a huge difference in overall performance.

Intel’s Core i9-10850K All Set To Be Introduced Tomorrow, 10 Cores Up To 5.2 GHz For Around $450 US

According To the Korean tech outlet, Quasar Zone (via Hardware Times), it is reported that the Core i9-10850K will be introduced on 27th July (Monday) at 23:50 AM Korean Standard Time. This means an embargo lift globally at around 7:50 AM (Pacific Time). It is still not confirmed whether this chip would be available on retail right after embargo lift or would we have to wait a bit more for the CPU to hit retail shelves.

Intel Core i9-10850K CPU Specifications

Summing up the specs, the Intel Core i9-10850K CPU (BX8070110850K) will feature 10 cores and 20 threads. The final clock speeds for the chip will be configured at 3.60 GHz base (3.70 GHz on the Core i9-10900K) & 5.2 GHz boost (5.3 GHz on the Core i9-10900K). The CPU retains 20 MB of L3 & a total of 2.5 MB L2 cache.

A photo released on April 30, 2020, shows a die from a 10th Gen Intel Core processor. (Source: Intel Corporation)

There’s no TDP mentioned for this specific part but considering that the rest of the unlocked chips come with a 125W (PL1) profile, we can expect the same from the Core i9-10850K.  From the previous article, we concluded that the price of the Core i9-10850K should fall in around $450 US which is $50 US less than the Core i9-10900K’s official MSRP.

Intel 10th Gen Unlocked CPU Specs:

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockSingle-Core Boost ClockTurbo Boost Max 3.0 (Single-Core)All

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Title: Intel Core i9-10850K 10 Core Desktop CPU Reportedly Launching on 27th July For Around $450 US
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