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Should Student Send Slightly Sub-Median ACT Score to Test-Optional School?



I just read your column on whether to submit a test score or not during these times. My daughter took the ACT in January of junior year and received a 26. It was supposed to be a starting point, but it looks as though she may not be able to take it again. We were confident that with test prep, she would go up a few points. Clemson is about a 28 for admission. Do you think she should submit that score since the school is now test optional? Her GPA is 4.4 at a top high school in Michigan. She has taken six credit hours at Mississippi State over the summer, and has good leadership and extracurriculars. Should she submit the 26 knowing it is just under Clemson’s 27-32 middle 50 percent?

This one is a close call, but if your daughter were my daughter, I’d say, “DON’T send the 26.” In a more ordinary year, when most students WILL send test scores to test-optional colleges, there might be more room for debate. But, this year, when so many kids will not send (or even take) the ACT or SAT, it’s not a good idea to submit any subpar results, even if those results are only a bit below the median range, as your daughter’s are. (Exception: If your daughter comes from a disadvantaged background, is an underrepresented minority student or a recruited athlete, she should certainly send her scores.)

Clemson is a hot choice right now, climbing the selectivity ladder quickly — whether that’s thanks to the Tiger prowess on the gridiron, to the fact that northern teenagers are finally discovering that there are schools without snow, or to myriad other factors. Thus, because the Clemson admission folks like the fact that they’re sharing a growing number of applicants with places like Duke, Emory, UVA and Tulane, they don’t need to be “reminded” that your daughter’s 26 would probably keep her out of all of those snazzy competitors. Instead, let the rest of her application (grades, leadership, et al) speak on her behalf.

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By: Sally Rubenstone
Title: Should Student Send Slightly Sub-Median ACT Score to Test-Optional School?
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Published Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 12:22:32 +0000


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